To participate in our institutional grade reliable staking, search for [JAPAN] in the staking compatible wallet(Daedalus or Yoroi)日本語はこちら

Tokyo Staker

Institutional grade “Secure” ADA staking, peace in your heart

Once I entrust the ADA to the pool, I would like to leave everything up to the forgotten ...

It's annoying to check every day with Yoroi, worrying about whether Pool is working properly...

My friend's company commissioned a local pool, but if there is a disaster, I'm worried about stopping the pool ...

Our is forever free from such troubles.

delegate the ADA

Management team in Tokyo, Japan

The political economy is relatively stable and regulated appropriately, and the environment for stable pool operation is in place.

Institutional grade cloud server

Use cloud server for disaster risk. By adopting “self-regulation toward decentralization of Cardano” advocated by the CardanoZ stakepool, we can achieve decentralization and profitability at the same time.


Strategic alliances with 4 stake pools

We will support the Cardano ecosystem through strategic alliances and cooperation from information sharing for efficient pool management--Katana,AadAfricaVision

5%.(we cannot change it unless we create new pool)

Search for [JAPAN] in the staking compatible wallet(Daedalus or Yoroi)After that, you don't need to do anything. You can see how much staking reward you received from the same wallet.


No. Because your ADA is always in your wallet.

You can use the email address, Twitter, and Telegram displayed at the top of the screen.